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We have been the benchmark for traditional and architectural doors & windows for over 45 years

When the company started out in 1976, Atelier Tenons-Nous produced more than just wood doors and windows. Craftsmen worked the wood in into other products: furniture, toys, puppet theaters, and more. The owner, Yves Lacoursière, is a true wood enthusiast; he even crafted several models of sports cars that have been displayed in exhibitions. Since then, Atelier Tenons-Nous has become a family business thanks to his son, Gabriel, who has taken the reins.

Over time, and as a result of consistent collaborations with architects, the Atelier Tenons-nous team has acquired a wealth of experience that allows the company to provide consulting services for clients and to inform them about the best available materials: from wood types, to hardware, energy efficient glass, weather stripping, paints, stains, etc.

Founded more than 45 years ago, Atelier Tenons-Nous has become established as a leader in the industry. Thanks to personalized service, an infinite selection of unique and high quality products, and skilled personnel, the company is able to provide the best services when it comes to manufacturing wood doors and windows that meet the more stringent quality standards. This is why Atelier Tenons-Nous has become a key business in the world of high-end solid wood door and window manufacturing.

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At Atelier Tenons-Nous, we provide personalized and top quality service for high-end wood door and window design. All our work is unique and custom-built by experienced craftsmen.


Our company is known for providing traditional and architectural styles and has carried out several historic monument restorations. We hope to remain an industry benchmark and to maintain an innovative approach to manufacturing wood doors and windows.


We rely on our know-how and first-rate materials to create durable, quality doors and windows. At Atelier Tenons-Nous, we always deliver products that have first been tested and that exceed the most rigorous standards.


Lab tests (A3-B3-C4), carried out by AIR INS on our casement and single or double-hung window models, have shown that our products exceed industry standards.

Prizes & awards

Success based on collective work

Quebec architecture award – Heritage and public prize

Gala valoris – Top prize winners

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